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Finca retreats

What are Finca Retreats? Fincas, (in Colombia) are country homes, located about 1 hour outside of the city. They are very popular to "get away" for the weekend in and around Medellin. Families go to relax and spend time together, and I have innovated a new way to use these fincas (of which many families rent out on weekends/months etc. that they are not in use)! They are so much more than a country house though, usually they are a country retreat home in and of themselves. Most include pools, space for 10-15 people, and set in a BEAUTIFUL jungle-like paradise, that is Colombia. SEE MORE on Finca Barbosa HERE.


These retreats are MINDSET SHIFT retreats, and they are the focus of my business, Destination Self Love. I have lived in Medellin, Colombia since November of 2016 and I will be staying in Colombia for the foreseeable future as I am IN LOVE with all that the city and country has to offer. Therefore, I am leading retreats to these finca homes just outside of Medellin. This area known as Antioquia has a jungle like setting that is hands down one of the best places for a mindset shift retreat! I invite women from all walks of life to come and enjoy one of these retreats in a serene, peaceful place where they can learn the keys to unlocking a true mindset shift which can create positive, powerful changes. Don't let this UNIQUE opportunity pass you up. How often have you had the chance to get out of your comfort zone to a country house, in a jungle paradise?

So, let me tell you more about these Finca Retreats! First off, I am SO EXCITED to be offering this to any and all women from all over the world! Whether you live in the U.S., Bali, Colombia, or any of the other countries of this big, beautiful world, my mindset shift retreat in a jungle paradise is for you! You only need have a DESIRE for a mindset shift that will catapult you to create positive, powerful changes in your life. All of my Finca Retreats will be Friday night-Sunday night. Two nights, two days, all-inclusive with food, drinks, snacks, and supplies for our workshop not to mention relaxing, poolside yoga and a *BONUS* Angel Card Readings Saturday night (for fun!) You will be guided through the world-renowned 2-day Heal Your Life® workshop, and you will uncover and recover ways to lead the life you want, create the changes you want, and manifest a life you've only just begun to dream of.

"This was the best experience of my life! When I came to the retreat I had no idea how it was going to be. I was expecting a relaxing weekend close to nature with some yoga and meditation. But I found so much more, I found a deep connection to myself that I wasn't even capable of imagining could exist or could be created. I found a group of women to share my life experiences with and they shared their very personal experiences with me as well. This is such a beautiful experience that describing with words can not give credit to, you have to live it! Thank you Nicole, I will be forever grateful to you!"

-Roberta, Italy/Bogota, Colombia



*You will TRANSFORM your life by manifesting a major MINDSET SHIFT via the 2-day Heal Your Life® workshop! See DETAILS below as to what this workshop includes and how it will allow you to create a major mindset shift.

*You will be added to a "secret" Facebook group where all the women who participate in one of these Finca Retreats will be able to continue on their healing journey. You will be connected for a lifetime to a sisterhood of women that may not be blood but who went through a very similar experience in life...the transformation that occurs during (and after) the 2-day Heal Your Life® workshop!

*You will experience a serene, escape to paradise, where not only will you complete the workshop, but you will be provided with healthy, vegetarian meals and snacks, led on a daily yoga practice which will prepare you and your mind, body, heart and soul for the mindset shift work we will be doing.

*Did I mention you are staying at a FINCA?! So, yes, there will also be some down time for relaxing in the pool, spending time in the jungle paradise that surrounds us! This is an escape to a serene, peaceful place where you can begin to create the positive, powerful changes in your life by shifting your mindset.


Great question! Thank you for asking!

Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life has enjoyed enormous success, having sold over 50 million copies, worldwide in many languages. It provided the cornerstone upon which Hay House is built. The Heal Your Life® principals are now expanding beyond the pages of the book to up close and personal trainings such as mine! This 2-day workshop is based on the teachings of that book and we (the workshop teachers) guide our participants to use these new self-love techniques and to release limiting beliefs in their own lives so that they can transform their life into one they are excited to live again!

Do you feel that there are blocks to you achieving the life you want? Are you ready to make changes to help you achieve your dreams? In the 2-day workshop I guide my participants to identify negative beliefs that are limiting them and they learn transformational techniques to release limitations and go beyond them. You (the participant) will learn that loving yourself is the foundation for making positive changes. While this is easy to say, it is not often easy to do! Using affirmations and visualization as well as other techniques, each participant will experience transformation as they heal their past and allow barriers to dissolve. Every area of life can be improved with this workshop: relationships, health, career, and prosperity!

"Never having experienced a retreat before, I had no idea what to expect coming to the Finca Retreat and Heal Your Life® workshop with Nicole. I hoped to receive clarity on various issues in my life and if nothing else, a relaxing weekend at a Colombian finca. However, the retreat exceeded my expectations beyond belief. In just two days, the activities in the workshop, wonderfully guided by Nicole, allow you to really discover things about yourself. For me, the intensity of spending two days working on the self in this manner permitted a strong shift in my thinking patterns and constructions of thought. The retreat provided me with a new outlook on spirituality and self love but most importantly, I gained a strategy for dealing with any and every negativity in my life. Almost three weeks on, I am still just as enthused about this and I continue working everyday to improve and strengthen this strategy, as a concept in my mind."  -Alex, England

The cost to manifest your MINDSET SHIFT and create positive, powerful changes in your life, at an ALL-INCLUSIVE jungle-paradise retreat, is currently priced at $745,000COP FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY ONLY! (Includes a 10% discount for booking your spot before January 1st!)

*This hidden gem, the innovative Finca Retreat™ will soon be "discovered" and I will have a hard time creating enough space for all who are interested. PLEASE be one of the first to receive this unique retreat experience at such a great price (All INCLUSIVE)!

*For the time being, I currently run ONE RETREAT every other month with a maximum capacity of 8 participants at this time. THIS IS only 46 women per YEAR! Make sure you join us on the next one!



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