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"This was the best experience of my life! When I came to the retreat I had no idea how it was going to be. I was expecting a relaxing weekend close to nature with some yoga and meditation. But I found so much more, I found a deep connection to myself that I wasn't even capable of imagining could exist or could be created. I found a group of women to share my life experiences with and they shared their very personal experiences with me as well. This is such a beautiful experience that describing with words can not give credit to, you have to live it! Thank you Nicole, I will be forever grateful to you!"

-Roberta, Italy/Bogota, Colombia

"I had an amazing time on the retreat with Nicole. The finca is absolutely stunning and the owner Danielle took such great care of us and cooked us delicious food. I had a major breakthrough with something that I'd been working on for a long time, so I'm delighted! The retreat allowed me to gain a sense of clarity, and work out a plan to develop spiritually and emotionally."

-Claire, Scotland

"Somewhere on my way I lost my energy, my motivation and I had no inspiration as to what to do next in my life. I got annoyed so quickly by others and I was impatient with the people around me. That's not how I wanted to feel all the time. I wanted to shine again from the inside. After the retreat I felt so much better just in letting go of fear, guilt and anger. All of these are so useless in life and suck so much energy from your body and soul. Besides all of the good effects I received in having attended the retreat, I also met great people at an amazing finca in Colombia. I wouldn't have missed this opportunity."

-Mandy, Germany

"Never having experienced a retreat before, I had no idea what to expect coming to the Finca Retreat with Nicole. I hoped to receive clarity on various issues in my life and if nothing else, a relaxing weekend at a Colombian finca. However, the retreat exceeded my expectations beyond belief. In just two days, the activities in the workshop, wonderfully guided by Nicole, allow you to really discover things about yourself. For me, the intensity of spending two days working on the self in this manner permitted a strong shift in my thinking patterns and constructions of thought. The retreat provided me with a new outlook on spirituality and self love but most importantly, I gained a strategy for dealing with any and every negativity in my life. Almost three weeks on, I am still just as enthused about this and I continue working everyday to improve and strengthen this strategy, as a concept in my mind. For anyone who has any reservations about this weekend retreat, please let them go. In the unlikely event that the retreat does little for you on a personal level, at the very least you will connect with 8 other amazing people in a deep, compassionate and safe way. Such special connections are uncommon in regular life, so this really added to the whole experience, which overall was just beautiful. Thank you Nicole!"

-Alex, England

"It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to both participate and lead yoga classes and a crystal healing session on Nicole's retreat. The work done there is truly valuable and the community of women that were assembled from many different paths were inspirational. If you are willing to dig deep and access your inner-self to create change and abundance in your life, then you will welcome this experience and feel it's long lasting, positive effect!"

-Rashia, New York USA

"El taller que tome con Nicole, ha sido una de las experiencias más positivas en mi vida.
Aprendí a quererme a mí misma tal y como soy, a perdonar a personas que me habían lastimado en el pasado, y por consecuencia de haber guardado tanto tiempo ese sentimiento de odio, enojo etc, no me dejaba avanzar en mi vida, pero Nicole me enseñó a perdonar a las demás personas para que ese tipo de sentimientos no me afecten a mí, y pudiera avanzar en mi vida, ya que era una persona muy estresada, no digo que ahora no lo sea, pero ahora ya sé cómo manejar mi estrés y que el estrés no me gane a mí. Nicole ha sido una bendición a mi vida, me ha escuchado, me ha comprendido y sobre todo no me ha juzgado. Es una persona increíble que en la primera llamada que tuve con ella, a pesar de que no estábamos en persona, yo sentía su energía positiva y la hora que pasaba con ella en el taller se me iba volando.
Ahora tengo otro tipo de mentalidad más positiva, un poco más paciente, pero sobre todo estoy consiente de que los cambios llevan su tiempo y no es de la noche a la mañana. Antes tenía la mentalidad de que todas las cosas deberían de ser perfectas, pero no, estaba equivocada, y eso hacía que yo misma me estresara, la verdad son muchas cosas que he aprendido en este taller y nunca terminaría. Ya sea que no le encuentres sentido a tu vida, que te encuentres desanimado, que seas una persona negativa, que no creas en ti misma, cualquier problema que tengas, este taller ayuda demasiado a ver de otra manera la vida. Y puedo recomendar al 100% a Nicole. Le doy muchas gracias a ella pero sobre todo por su dedicación y el gran don que tiene de comprender a las personas. Estoy segura que si decides a tomar este taller, nunca te arrepentirás al contrario serás una nueva persona feliz y más positiva con la vida."
Nadia, Mexico

The Heal Your Life® workshop at the Finca Retreat with Nicole was an absolutely valuable experience for me! During the weekend I felt more and more connected to my emotions - in the future I will work with the insights I gained thanks to the workshop to deepen the love I have for myself and life...Nicole is an absolutely inspiring person and I thank her so much for hosting this retreat with so much love for details and the people attending it!

-Paula, Germany

"I tried not to have any expectations going into the retreat, because I wanted to just be open to whatever the weekend would bring. However, the experience far exceeded the expectations I would have had. From the moment we arrived, Nicole had each detail planned out that led us through both a process of healing and self discovery. Nicole's heart for the work she does is evident in each stage of the retreat process, she truly is passionate about each person experiencing the the life changing work of Louise Hay. I'm so grateful to have shared this retreat weekend with some incredible women, and to have walked away with a deeper sense of self love and acceptance!" 

-Jenna, Colorado USA

"Nicole is an outstanding facilitator. She is sincere and you can feel her passion for the inspiration she so freely and lovingly shares." 

-RaeNell, SLC, Utah, USA

"Nicole is a fabulous leader. She has a sweet, calm spirit that immediately puts everyone at ease. Her enthusiasm is contagious!"

-Kimberly, Colorado, USA

"Nicole is very good at establishing a relaxed soothing atmosphere, being at ease was very helpful in advancing forward."

-Rob, Namibia

"Nicole leads a beautiful group dynamic and encourages all to participate. Her words and testimony are very heartfelt and she makes you feel at ease!"

-Paola, Lakewood, Colorado

"Nicole has been a blessing in my life. She has a patient ear and an empathetic heart. She has provided sage advice which has facilitated the actualization of my true potential. Nicole has guided my study of the Heal Your Life® principles and helped me apply them to my own journey. She was willing to be vulnerable and  authentic by sharing some of her own experiences and struggles with me which allowed for me to connect, relate to and trust her. This in turn aided me in being open and honest. During our work together, Nicole was mature and professional while at the same time being loving, caring and making the experience fun. My personal favorite was doing the positive affirmations. I had an intense release that was very moving which allowed for further understanding of my own story. I would highly recommend  Nicole as your Heal Your Life® workshop teacher. Her contribution to my life has been very valuable."

-Michelle, Pensylvania, USA

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