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Hi everyone, my name is Nicole and I am a self-love advocate, trained and licensed to lead powerful, life transformative courses and workshops based on the teachings of Louise Hay and her international best-seller You Can Heal Your Life. I am the founder and owner of Destination Self Love, a business that focuses on the journey to the destination inside yourself, to find and foster a true connection to self and the power of self-love to affect positive powerful changes in your life. This SAME course and the teachings in it worked to turn my life AROUND and I can't help but spread the word, world-wide! 

I am passionate about guiding people on their unique journey of self-love as I myself discovered the power of using self-love as a foundation to create positive, powerful changes in my own life! Please follow me on IG to get the latest updates on my upcoming virtual course offerings. 


Next up: January 2022! Check out my "offerings" page to learn more. 

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