Contract Work

Are you interested in hiring me to work with YOUR group? I am available to meet with and accommodate your company's specific needs or requirements. You can choose any of the options below. We can work together to CREATE the outcome you would like your group to have/experience.

The following is a list of what I offer, feel free to get CREATIVE and to mix and match as you see best suited for your specific group!

-->2-day Heal Your Life® workshop (full 8 hour days)

*Note that I do not recommend that the 2-day Heal Your Life® training be completed as a group among peers as many people may need to release feelings of anger/resentment/guilt etc. toward bosses/coworkers/employees etc. IN ORDER to heal their own life!

-->3hr focus workshops: 


-Inner Child

-Family Dynamics

-Releasing Anger







-->A full 10 week (one meeting per week) of the above focus workshops (condensed to 1.5 hrs each vs. 3)

Please email me for specific pricing as they vary and (if) travel is included then I include full travel and boarding expenses of mine into the prices. I am willing (and able) to fly anywhere in the United States or abroad as I love to travel, meet new groups and to continue the healing for those around the world who may be facing some of the same life trials I have faced over the years.


*Please send an email using the form below to contact me or message me at: +1.530.414.4214

If you are international we can arrange to use: WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype and/or Zoom to arrange the details.