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Have you ever thought "I don't want to be in this situation, but I just don't know how to get out?"

For me, this all too familiar thought has dominated many decisions in my life. This was a thought that was continually manifesting many different forms of abusive relationships in my life.

Do you need to finally choose to let go, and leave? If you've been feeling an urge to leave your toxic relationship, job, home, community, or other negative people in your life...then DO IT NOW!

Do not wait another minute, don't give them another chance, don't wait for another paycheck, don't refinance, don't give them another minute of your precious time, and don't let negative energies continue to infect your life!

You are worth so much more than continuing to suffer. You were not meant to play the victim in your own life! Take your power back now and create a life you love, loving yourself enough to leave whatever it is that's holding you back from your soul's true journey.

If you struggle with feeling like life has dealt you a tough hand, and you can't quite figure out what action steps you need to take in order to leave then look no further! Trust me, I am here in order to help you do just that. Within less than 3 months I let go of/left: a toxic relationship, my "cushy" job, sold my home, moved out of my community, and cut out many negative people from my circle of life. These decisions did NOT come easily. In fact, all were a culmination of the most challenging life situations and circumstances I had ever faced up to this point in my life. But, this is why I am uniquely qualified to help YOU!

There's one underlying factor in WHY so many of us don't leave, maintaining a death grip on our life circumstances. Why we choose to stay. Why we allow fear of the unknown and our ego to run our lives. You will learn this underlying factor and the KEYS to help you break through it, and build yourself up enough to have not only the courage but the absolute commitment to follow through and do just what you know deep down is the only thing that will serve you, LET GO, LEAVE.

Join me as I encourage you to take a chance, to make a  change, and you will be beyond amazed, pleased and inspired with the results you will receive. So what do you want? Do you want to stay in that toxic relationship? Do you want to stay in a "cushy" job for the wrong reasons? Do you want to continue to pay the mortgage on that house you no longer love that holds memories you'd rather let go of? Do you want to stay connected to a community to which you no longer feel any connection to at all just because it's what you "should" do? Do you want to keep the negative energies in your life, allowing them to bring you down and depress your soul?

If you are here, reading this for the reason I think you are, your answer is "No absolutely fucking way, I do not want to stay. I want to let go, I want to leave, and I'm ready to let go now."

If this is you and any single event or series of traumatic or frustrating events have catapulted you this page please continue reading and don't stop until you've made a firm decision to stick with your instinct to make the commitment to let go, to leave.

You see, a lot of the time we think we have to stay. Okay, hold on, I'll rephrase that. 99% of the time we are SURE that we have to stay. We have been programmed and conditioned from a young age to think that if you"don't stay" you are giving up, that you are weak, that you just need to work harder, (in essence=it is your fault). In REALITY the only thing faulty here is the gross lack of TRUTH in those thoughts we were conditioned to believe.

Those who DO LET GO, and leave, are actually the ones who don't give up. They know there is something more, something more accurately aligned with their values and beliefs. They honor themselves by not giving up on themselves.

Those who DO LET GO are actually strong. It takes courage and strength, both mental and emotional to leave a person, place or situation that you know at your core is no longer capable of serving you and your highest good. 

Those who DO LET GO are actually the ones who are working harder. Think about it, if you stay, that requires 0 effort. It may require mental or emotional work to continue surviving in a place that no longer serves you, but in reality you are not required to do any work. If you choose, however, to let go, and to leave, then there is work to be done. You will not only have the same mental and emotional work but you will also be required to take action steps to get out .You will be required to plan, prepare, think, strategize, organize, and move! And I am here to help you on your way!

Now. The truth. Do you want to let go? Do you really, truly, want to leave, knowing it will require stamina, strength and effort? Are you ready to remove yourself from your current life situation and transform yourself to the person you know you are meant to blossom into?

If you are willing to embrace your pure, true and whole self in love, then YOU ARE READY TO LET GO.

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