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More About Nicole 

Hello my new soul friends! My name is Nicole and I am SO excited to meet you on one of my fabulous destination retreats! I use the teachings of Louise Hay as a certified Heal Your Life ® workshop teacher to help you discover your true worth, value and potential in this world! You will discover how to truly love yourself through a healing process like no other! And, best of all, once you've done your work, you are rewarded with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories with a new group of soul friends! 

In my destination healing retreats you will complete the world renowned Heal Your Life® 2-day workshop incorporating the teachings found in Louise Hay's best selling book You Can Heal Your Life. You will also get all the adventure, fun and experiences that my specific, trademarked destination retreats offer! Louise's book and teachings changed my outlook on life so drastically that I was driven to become a licensed Heal Your Life® workshop teacher to help spread her work of self love throughout this world!

I am very uniquely qualified to serve you best in this niche market as I have lived in Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, and am CURRENTLY living in Medellin, Colombia. My travels have included: Portugal, Germany, Italy, France and over 20 U.S. states. Please refer to my unique qualifications and certifications page to learn more!

Work & Study:

2005: I lived in Spain for 1 year (during college) and learned to speak Spanish fluently. OH, and yes, I fell in LOVE with the culture too!

2009: I entered the Teacher Credential program at San Diego State University in CA, USA eager to encourage others to love the Spanish language as I do.

2009: Realized I hadn't spoken Spanish much in over 4 years, I immediately took up residence in Quito, Ecuador in a family's home where I resided for 1 month, enrolling in Spanish classes to get me back on track.

2009-2010: Completed my teaching credential program in San Diego and thoroughly enjoyed it! I LOVE teaching!

2009-2016: Spent 7 years teaching: (1) year, as a student teacher, (1) year as a credentialed middle school Spanish teacher, and (5) years as a credentialed high school Spanish teacher

2015: It had been over 5 years since traveling abroad, and I needed to head out on another trip where I could further enhance my Spanish knowledge, so what better place than Mexico this time! I lived and studied on a teacher's scholarship I was awarded by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) for 1 month between Mexico City, Cuernavaca and Puebla!

Real Life Struggles...

2011-2016: I had many MANY battles. I struggled with living alone, feeling lonely, drinking too much because it made me feel "less alone", dating many of the wrong guys just to not be "alone", settling for less and giving my all when others gave me nothing in return. I did all of this because I thought it was better than being alone. I was lonely because I didn't know how to truly love myself. Instead of loving myself it turns out I was giving all my love to others.

2016: One LAST time, I dated the wrong guy. He essentially took everything from me; my job, my house, my self-worth and value, my emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, my feeling of safety in the world around me, and even my identity. This emotional vampire, as I liked to call him, was perhaps the most destructive being I've encountered in my life. HOWEVER... once I had been destroyed/broken, I was ready to be put back together WHOLE. I had a new intention of making SELF LOVE my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! 

I gave up my entire "previous life" to FREE MYSELF from all emotional vampires. I happened upon a magazine with an advertisement for the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay and was AMAZED at the ideas presented in it. Many of the ideas seem really quite simple. Perhaps too simple to work. Could I really heal my life with these techniques? But I took heed to her words, I practiced the affirmations and mirror work daily, and soon everything began to change for the better.


Even though I didn't fully understand this concept, I was responsible for the situations in my life. The more I thought about being alone, the more alone I was. The more I thought "I always attract the wrong guy" the more I attracted the WRONG guys and their "wrongs" kept getting worse! Yikes!

I HAD to change the way I was thinking to get different results, to get the life I wanted. I had suffered many terrible losses.


They were terrible losses that led me to the greatest riches I will ever know: my own worth. There's nothing more valuable than the love I have for myself. It's my responsibility to create a life I love living, free from the opinions, values, and belief systems of others.



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