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Heal your life®


10-week 1-1 Coaching, WORKSHOPS & RETREATS


mindset makeover?


"Guiding the modern woman on her unique journey of self love."

Are you READY to create positive, POWERFUL changes in your life, sooner rather than later?

If so, then why wait?

Are you...

  • Tired of feeling that others seem to hold your power?

  • Exhausted from dealing with toxic relationships, jobs, or other life circumstances?

  • Not finding the love and approval you need?

  • Allowing anger and negativity to drain you?

  • Unable to express yourself clearly and with ease?

  • Wanting to finally forgive yourself and others?

  • Ready to let go of what is holding you back?

  • Create abundance in your life?

You are not alone, and a breakthrough is possible. A new life awaits you, one in which you can take back your power and create the positive changes you are longing to see. 


  • Being able to speak your own opinions, truths, and ideas without the opinions or approval of others affecting you...

  • Being free of toxicity; toxic relationships, jobs, or life circumstances...

  • Being comfortable approving of yourself, and that being more than enough...

  • Being free of negativity and anger...


  • Being able to express yourself freely and with ease...

  • Being able to finally forgive yourself and others...

  • Being free and ready to let go of anything holding you back in any area of your life...

  • Being able to manifest abundance in every area of your life?

I know this is possible for you because I’ve been there. When I was ten years old I had a very negative experience of my voice being taken from me. From that time on, I felt very unsafe expressing my voice, my opinions, ideas, and truths to those around me. I learned it was ONLY safe to express this voice inwardly. I lived with this fear of using my voice for many many years. I trusted no one in sharing my truths. At such a young age, not sharing my experiences, and keeping everything inside led to a lot of shame, guilt, suffocation, and suppression not only of my experiences but emotions as well.

I decided, finally, to say, F this! Why do I care so much about other people's approval?

After drawing in (attracting) many negative life circumstances, I finally WOKE UP. I learned that I needed to use my voice in order to heal the many negative aspects I had created in my life. I learned I needed to love myself enough to leave (literally and figuratively), the old ways in the past. I had to learn that it was not only acceptable but very healthy to learn to love myself, even my negatives along the way. I now love, accept, and approve of myself every day, in every way, and I use my voice to express my truths with clarity and ease.


In less than ONE year I got myself out of a very toxic (and dangerous) relationship, sold a house, moved out of a community (one I never truly felt a part of), quit a "cushy" job with retirement and benefits, and removed some toxic people from my life. I spent years not "owning my voice" in all areas of my life, because I was fearful of the opinions of others, and would rather have their approval than my own happiness.

I have made the changes required to bring about the new life I describe above and I would love to help you make the changes you seek as well! 

The answer? I was severely lacking, had no, self-love. In all actuality, I had never even heard of the concept. That is, not until I had made these drastic changes in my life (above) and I was feeling a little fearful that I had acted without thinking them through. I read Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, and each and every day I became more and more comfortable loving myself with the techniques she discusses. In turn, I was able to love and approve of myself and the decisions I had made with my own voice and my own personal power. I was able to praise and support myself through these many life changes. And what happened on the other end? What was the light at the end of this long tunnel? 

The light was me. The light was realizing, after so many years, that I am enough. That I am whole and complete. That my voice matters, that I matter, but that I have to first love myself enough to share (with confidence and ease) this voice of mine. To take up space in this world as we all deserve to do. I took a chance and spoke up for myself against a very intimidating person, I took my power back against the odds. I made healthy, positive choices that would affect my future for the better. It took everything in me to be strong enough to do this, but I thought back to my 10-year-old self.  I realized I had to stand up for myself, for the little girl inside, who was still (so many years later) screaming to speak up! 

Would you like to...

Find Hope? Your own light? Inspiration? 

Find a  safe place to explore the art of self-love, perhaps for the first time?

Challenge your old ways of thinking? 

Let go of the approval of others?

Use your voice to express your opinions?

Express yourself freely, creatively, and clearly?

Do you love...

Being challenged in a positive, loving environment?

Spending time online with like-minded people but can never seem to find your tribe?

Sharing your truth with people who LISTEN and encourage?

Knowing you are in charge of your own life and manifesting one you f*ing love?

Being able to take back control to affect change in your own life?

Are you...

Someone who works hard to seek out a safe group of friends to confide in? 

Eager to share your experiences and to be heard by others?

Overly productive so as to put off other important life issues and decisions?

Stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing?

Continuing to self-sabotage and sick and tired of it?

Have you...

Been on many rollercoasters in your life?
Been attracting a lot of negativity into your life?

Had many expectations placed on you either in your past or current life circumstances? 

Been dealing with a deep longing to be free?

Were you...

Frequently not allowed to be yourself growing up?

Not encouraged to express yourself either with words or creatively?

One who had your voice or opinions suppressed by others?

If your answer was yes to any number of these questions then this experience will be one you don’t want to miss!  I know what I have to offer you at this retreat is just for you! 

The truth is...

That most people who don’t learn to love themselves never fully realize their potential in one or many different areas of their life. Gradually, without self-love, we are less and less comfortable expressing ourselves. The truth is that self-love can not only heal your life, but it can heal your innate ability to use your voice and speak and live in and from your own truths.

In my 10-week program, you will learn how to HEAL all parts of your life. You will learn...

  • How to speak to yourself with love

  • How to stop criticizing yourself

  • The importance of forgiveness

  • To be gentle, kind and patient with yourself, and your mind

  • That it is okay to praise and support yourself

  • That loving your negatives will help draw out the positive

  • How to take care of and listen to your body

  • To have fun, by bringing out your inner child

  • Create abundance in all areas of your life

You will be empowered to...

  • Leave a toxic relationship, job, or other difficult life circumstance

  • Never settle for less

  • Use your voice with ease and confidence

  • Take back the power in YOUR OWN life

  • Speak up for your needs and desires

I can not wait to have you join me! 

What's included???:

  • You will have 10 sessions (same days/times) to input into your schedule for the next 10 weeks. 

  • When you pay in full (for all 10 sessions) you will receive a 20% discount through the month of May 2024.

  • You can come into my office in Lafayette (near Sprouts) or we can arrange for Zoom calls if they work better with your schedule/travel. 


You will transform your life with the 10-week Heal Your Life® program with Nicole, a Licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader and life coach where you will:

  • Learn to heal "dis"- ease in your body with mind/body connection work

  • Release anger and resentments, so that they no longer have power over you

  • Forgive yourself and others, releasing them with love and moving forward in your own life goals and true purpose

  • Release old, negative messages that are no longer serving you

  • Create new, empowering messages based on your own beliefs and values now

  • Learn to develop and grow healthy relationships, with friends, family, and your partner

  • Create the life you want in your work and/or at home

  • Manifest abundance of all types in your life, including money

  • Access your inner child and understand her importance in your life TODAY

  • Learn the POWER of affirmations

  • Build a foundation based on self-love for your life and create a beautiful, ritualistic practice for your daily life!

Your investment to 

Heal Your Life®...


This 10-week program is for you if:

  • You know your strength at heart but never learned how to truly love yourself.

  • You have yet to fully embrace their voice. 

  • You have not yet given the world all you have to offer. 

  • You are ready to step up and play big with your voice. 

  • You believe there is value in learning The Art of Self Love.

Choose to love yourself now, in THIS MOMENT, and say yes! Yes to exploring yourself, loving and approving of yourself, and being around other like-minded souls who will be there to support and love you to become the best version of YOU. You are meant to be here, you are important.

Are you ready to join me???

If so, to inquire for more details and see if one of my current openings works for you, please message me at 530.414.4219 and I can give you some more details and will send the payment link for you to confirm your space and to get you the 20% off the paid-in-full price! 

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