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These virtual courses are the focus of my business, Destination Self Love. I invite anyone from any walk of life to enroll in one where they can learn the keys to unlocking a true mindset shift that can create positive POWERFUL changes.


"This was the best experience of my life! I had no idea how it was going to be. I found a deep connection to myself that I wasn't even capable of imagining could exist or could be created. I found a group of women to share my life experiences with and they shared their very personal experiences with me as well. This is such a beautiful experience that describing with words can not give credit to, you have to live it! Thank you Nicole, I will be forever grateful to you!"

-Roberta, Italy/Bogota, Colombia

"Somewhere on my way I lost my energy, my motivation and I had no inspiration as to what to do next in my life. I got annoyed so quickly by others and I was impatient with the people around me. That's not how I wanted to feel all the time. I wanted to shine again from the inside. After the retreat I felt so much better just in letting go of fear, guilt and anger. All of these are so useless in life and suck so much energy from your body and soul. Besides all of the good effects I received in having enrolled in the course, I also met great people. I wouldn't have missed this opportunity."

-Mandy, Germany

The Heal Your Life® course with Nicole was an absolutely valuable experience for me! During the course I felt more and more connected to my emotions - in the future, I will work with the insights I gained thanks to the workshop to deepen the love I have for myself and life...Nicole is an absolutely inspiring person and I thank her so much for hosting this course with so much love for details and the people who signed up!

-Paula, Germany

"I tried not to have any expectations going into the course, because I wanted to just be open to whatever it would bring. However, the experience far exceeded the expectations I would have had. Nicole led us through both a process of healing and self-discovery. Nicole's heart for the work she does is evident in each stage of the course, she truly is passionate about each person experiencing the life-changing work of Louise Hay. I'm so grateful to have shared this experience with some incredible women, and to have walked away with a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance!" 

-Jenna, Colorado USA


Great question! Thank you for asking!

Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life has enjoyed enormous success, having sold over 50 million copies, worldwide in many languages. It provided the cornerstone upon which Hay House is built. The Heal Your Life® principles are now expanding beyond the pages of the book. This 10-week long course is based on the teachings of that book and I guide my students to use these self-love techniques to release limiting beliefs in their own lives so that they can transform their life into ones they are excited about living again, even after painful and traumatic experiences. 

Do you feel that there are blocks to you achieving the life you want? Are you ready to make changes to help you achieve your dreams? In the course, I guide YOU to identify negative beliefs that are limiting you and you learn transformational techniques to release limitations and go beyond them. You will learn that loving yourself is the foundation for making positive changes. While this is easy to say, it is not often easy to do. Using affirmations and visualizations as well as other techniques, you will experience transformation as you heal your past and allow barriers to dissolve. Every area of life can be improved with this workshop: relationships, health, career, and prosperity.

"I had no idea what to expect coming to the Heal Your Life® course with Nicole. I hoped to receive clarity on various issues in my life. It exceeded my expectations beyond belief. the activities in the course wonderfully guided by Nicole, allow you to really discover things about yourself. For me, the intensity of spending so much time working on the self in this manner permitted a strong shift in my thinking patterns and constructions of thought. The course provided me with a new outlook on spirituality and self-love but most importantly, I gained a strategy for dealing with negativity in my life. Almost three weeks on, I am still just as enthused about this and I continue working every day to improve and strengthen this strategy, as a concept in my mind." 

-Alex, England

"I had an amazing time with Nicole. I had a major breakthrough with something that I'd been working on for a long time, so I'm delighted! The course allowed me to gain a sense of clarity, and work out a plan to develop spiritually and emotionally."

-Claire, Scotland

"The work done during the course is truly valuable and the community of women that were assembled from many different paths were inspirational. If you are willing to dig deep and access your inner-self to create change and abundance in your life, then you will welcome this experience and feel it's long lasting, positive effect!"

-Rashia, New York USA

The investment to manifest your MINDSET SHIFT and create positive, powerful changes in your life is priced at $555. Really though, it's like those Mastercard commercials...this shift truly is priceless. What would you pay to fully affect positive, POWERFUL changes in your life? Are you ready to invest in yourself?

*Payment can be paid in full (treasure box of goodies shipped to US addresses only)


You can pay in 3 monthly installments of $222 which include extra finance charges. 

*Rember I only offer these courses four times a year and prices are subject to changes as I grow my business! If this is the RIGHT time for you to make positive changes in your life, sign up! If not, that's okay too, I look forward to serving you whenever you are ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are likely holding you back from creating the life you were MEANT to live. 

If you are nervous to invest in yourself, I totally get that. I never knew about investing in myself either. Not until my earth SHATTERED and I had no other choice but to start over basically and I didn't know how to do that.


UNTIL I read the book You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay after adding it to my Vison Board after trying to lay out what my vision for my life could look like if I could start fresh from all that was behind me. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. I think I read it in like one day, maybe two. I immediately began practicing all of the principles that she talks about in it, I started to feel better and felt like there was HOPE for my seemingly dark and lifeless future...

Life can feel scary as shit. Especially if you are the one to f*k up. And you know what, it's hard to take responsibility and it's EVEN HARDER to forgive yourself because you can't see your worth. Your self-worth is so low that you think it's worth giving up.

It's not, I promise you. I've got a story that will KNOCK your socks off...

I made many bad CHOICES that involved alcohol, abusive relationships, sex, and anti-anxiety/depression meds) that ultimately led me to lose my home, career, community, and livelihood as I knew it, all seeingly within less than 24 hours...but really it had been going on a while...

***Louise Hay says this about addictions

The probable cause is "running from the self. Fear. Not knowing how to love the SELF."


Because of those decisions, a man I TRUSTED and whom I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship used my past poor choices against me. He wanted everyone to know how terrible of a person I was and all the things I had done wrong. He knew by sabotaging me that the whole life I had "created" would come crashing down and I would be alone. He was so upset that I REFUSED to stay with him once I saw his true colors. But I couldn't live in the fear and pain anymore of this TOXIC relationship. I had to LET GO. Even if it meant letting go of everything I knew. I had to make a choice, stay and keep my life together, or leave and lose it all.

I chose to leave and lose it all because the thought of staying with him one more single second was LITERALLY UNBEARABLE and hurt my soul at the deepest level to even consider for more than moments at a time. 


Guess what?

I got back up, stronger than ever...

That deepest/darkest time in my life led me to finding Louise Hay, wondering why I had never heard of her or the concept of "self-love" before and why I was not taught this in school. I was so upset that if I had not heard of this by age 30 how many other wonderful DESERVING people have yet to learn the TRUTH that all of her teachings offer? Too many I was sure because I was actually a "self-development" would have thought that I would have heard of i...

Let me tell you, there is nothing SO DARK that you have done that you can not use it to FIND YOUR LIGHT. You are the light and the only reason darkness filtered into your life is to show you a new way. Heck, you are on this page reading about a course about how to make positive powerful changes in your life! I am sure of the theory that sometimes we are not listening, sometimes we have an intention and a deep desire to know the MEANING of life and sometimes we get put on a trajectory of learning the lessons we came here to learn in a CRUNCHED timeline (quantum manifestation) that makes it feel so painful because it is so quick. Sometimes people take a lifetime to learn some DEEP AF life lessons. But we all learn when the time is right for us.



You are a good person. You are WORTHY. You are DESERVING. You are WHOLE. 


You got this. I'd love to help you on your journey of discovering what it truly means to love your SELF, as we progress together through a 10-week course that you can access virtually. You can choose to HEAL YOUR LIFE from anywhere you want! Take an extended trip out of the country. Find a local retreat center where you can treat yourself each weekend to a day and night of healing, or stay in the comfort of your own cozy home with your fur baby, totally up to you my love, but what I know is that you found this page for a reason. 

"Nicole has been a blessing in my life. She has provided sage advice which has facilitated the actualization of my true potential. Nicole has guided my study of the Heal Your Life® principles and helped me apply them to my own journey. She was willing to be vulnerable and authentic by sharing some of her own experiences and struggles which allowed me to connect, relate to and trust her. This in turn aided me in being open and honest. During the course, Nicole was mature and professional while at the same time being loving, caring, and making the experience fun. My personal favorite was doing positive affirmations. I had an intense release that was very moving which allowed for further understanding of my own story. I would highly recommend  Nicole as your Heal Your Life® course teacher. Her contribution to my life has been very valuable."

-Michelle, Pennsylvania, USA

You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to create changes in your life. You would be somewhere else, probably Netflixing and chilling or whatever but instead you are HERE making the POSITIVE AND POWERFUL choice to change your take control, to build a life you love. 

So, take the time to make the investment in yourself today. There's no better time than the present to give yourself a present! You deserve it! 

Are you READY? To take the leap and to make an investment that will Heal Your Life, that will give you the strength not only to survive your life but to thrive in it?  

Are you ready to step it up and do the work to get the results you want when you see others around you "manifesting" the life they want and you are still stuck in a rut you can't get out of? *There's a reason for this and it is IN YOUR MIND! 

So now, here it is a course designed just for you. We may not have been taught as children but it's never too late to learn! #lifelonglearner 


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