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VIP Offerings

My coaching program. You may only enroll in this once you have completed the 2-day workshop with me so that both you and I have a deeper awareness of the areas in your life you'd like to work on.

My coaching program lasts 3 OR 6 months

3 months=$500USD or 1.5 millionCOP

6 months=$1,000USD or 3 million COP

(Paid monthly, broken down into 3 or 6 payments)

They include:


Zoom calls (online meetings, 30 minutes)


In-person meetups either in my home (or other place of your choice) 3 hours (continue in a workshop, conversation, help with a life circumstance etc.) We will plan together what you need each month.

Please message me on Whatsapp at: 1.530.414.4219 or use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

Thank you,

Nicole, from Destination Self Love

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