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What is Your Relationship to Emptiness?

What is your relationship to emptiness, space?

In honestly appraising my relationship with these two factors, I believe I have a very heavy "burden" of each at times. I am an introvert by nature and therefore require space, solitude and reflection to survive and reenergize myself.

Ironically this occurs only after my outward actions that I use to "fill" all the empty space in my life becomes overwhelming, depleting my energy. The thought of space usually scares me. Loneliness is something of a road block for me when it comes to developing and growing. Any and all outward actions I take to fill this void bring a lot of stress, anxiety and overwhelming sense of "I need to do more"...

In reflecting now, I'm seeing more and more that I fill "voids" when they need not be filled but explored. Imagine it like this; what if someone had thought the Grand Canyon was a void and had decided it needed to be filled and covered over. If anyone had ever (been able) to do that they would have found that they lost the most beautiful part of that void, the beauty in exploring it's many intricacies and depths. The depth of space, whether in relationships, clearing our minds, etc all possess a beauty that we lose the power to see as soon as we cover, or fill it.

Emptiness is something I'd like to work on. That word brings to my mind somewhat of a negative connotation of the actual concept. As I see it, emptiness is a void, a space that is not filled. I am constantly trying to fill voids in my life instead of exploring the beauty they in themselves possess. I am going to practice "not filling the space" these next few months. I'm going to clear my mind, clear my space, and learn to appreciate and love my "voids" as pieces of me, precious stones to be loved just as they are, to be explored.

Would you too like to explore and appreciate your voids, only to find out that they may indeed be a beauty you’ve not been recognizing or exploring? Then you should definitely check out my retreats. I’ve got three coming up, in Tulum, Sedona and Lake Tahoe. These Heal Your Life® workshops I’m licensed to teach really work on you, healing your life! You can feel whole and complete again. You can let go and you can more forward with your life. You can love yourself unconditionally and appreciate yourself. It is allowed! And WELCOMED on our retreats! Once you finish the workshop you are rewarded with 4 days of adventure and fun with other like-minded souls. You will go outside of your comfort zone on some days, you will be stretched. And it will be beautiful!

Much love to all you, my new soul friends


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