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What Nourishes You?

What nourishes you?

Nourishment can be broken down by considering the definition of one of its synonyms: sustenance...which is: *something (such as food) that keeps someone or something alive *something that gives support, help, or strength.

There are many things which keep me alive, give support, help and strengthen me. These vary between the spiritual, mental, and physical. For me a few things which keep me nourished are:

Traveling. Immersing myself in a different culture excites my joy for life. Enveloping myself completely in the art, cuisine, and way of life is truly an amazing blessing. I love observing how other people in different cultures spend their time and money in such dramatically different ways. It really opens my eyes to what's important from others' perspectives, and helps me to see (in life) that my way may not always be the best way.

Being in nature. This allows me to spend time not only in the beauty of this world but to reflect on and be grateful for the beauty it holds, both within nature, people, and experiences. Spending time outdoors whether it be a short walk, a long hike, melting into the warm buttery tones sunrise, feeling the burn of the deep glow of a sunset, simply relaxing in a meadow or field of grass or even finding space at the edge of a lake to watch the waters as they sweep against the shore. Nature allows me to more easily see that it is the simple things in life I often forget to take notice of and be grateful for.

Spending time in community. I don't mean out and about in the community but experiencing life as part of a greater whole, whether that be in the friendships we invest in, the church we attend and the people with whom we share a walk of faith, or even a civic group we meet with regularly to accomplish a common goal or dream. Working, learning and growing as part of a larger whole really helps me to see I am but a very small piece of a very intricate jigsaw puzzle. We are meant to help weave the fabric of each others lives as we freely allow ourselves to be intertwined in the lives of others.

*Let it be noted, many times these many, beautiful things which have the power and potential to keep me alive, supported, strengthened, sustained and nourished are pushed to the wayside if I am not keeping "guard" of what's "good" for me. Just as junk food does not nourish the physical body, neither will many other things; ideas, thoughts or people that we allow to enter our lives. I'm learning, more and more how important it is to "keep watch" over my own physical, mental and spiritual nourishment by keeping them and their importance at the forefront of my development as a growing and ever-expanding being in this life.

These destination retreats I'm now offering, offer the best of all these key aspects of nourishment for me. Traveling, being out in nature and spending time with a community. I absolutely cannot wait to develop and grow a large community of like-minded souls who wish to heal themselves emotionally. I was very much affected by Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life. In 2016 I became a licensed Heal Your Life workshop teacher. In all of my retreats, everyone will complete her world-renowned 2-day Heal Your Life® workshop that incorporates the teachings and concepts of her best-selling book. Travel+nature+community+healing+adventure? What more could one ask for?

Much love to all of you, my new soul friends,


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