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All participants will arrive (of their own transportation) on Tuesday night (always Tuesday travel days).

A welcome dinner will be provided and a viewing of the movie "You Can Heal Your Life" will take place.


The world-renowned 2-day Heal Your Life® workshop will be held. This is a very intensely beautiful process of healing. Please expect to feel any and all emotions during these two days. This is the work we put in, to get the results in our life we are looking for. We are looking for true and everlasting change and we will find it through releasing and letting go.


A full day of R&R, relaxation and rejuvenation. A full day of services meant to calm the mind, body and spirt will be included in the cost of this once-in-a-lifetime destination retreat. These are included and may not be excluded as replenishing is a very important step in the process. After all the mental and emotional exertion you expel, you are required to participate in these services provided in your cost of sign-up.

*Please read each individual retreat itinerary to see what types of services will be included at your particular retreat.


3 full days of excursions to help ignite and excite your thrill for living your life to your fullest potential. There will be some "homework" in the evenings to share the following day during your excursion with our new group of soul friends! Some excursions may be challenging mentally, physically or spiritually but they are all meant to help you grow and TRUST in yourself and the newfound love, appreciation, respect and approval you have found in yourself!


A celebratory, farewell dinner and special event will be provided so you have a chance to say a goodbye to your newfound soul friends! You will have the option of keeping in touch via the FB group page I create and by exchanging contact information.



Recommended day to return home (unless you plan to stay longer to meet with friends or family who have joined you at your destination). Tuesdays are always our travel days as they are usually the cheapest and less frequented travel day of the week!

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