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Love Yourself &

Heal Your Life

This page is dedicated to the Love Yourself & Heal Your Life Group Coaching Program I offer to my high level clients. A high level client is someone who has already invested in themselves by attending a live 2-Day Heal Your Life® Retreat with me. If you have not yet attended one of my live retreats, please check that page out HERE to learn more about attending one.

So, have YOU already invested in YOURSELF and the changes you want to see in your life? Then I welcome you to participate in my group coaching program "Love Yourself & Heal Your Life." This is the same name of the workbook that takes the work we did at the retreat to a deeper level. You may choose to buy this workbook to have a hard copy yourself, although it is not required as I will be taking you through the chapters one by one. 

By signing up you will receive:

1. An invite to join the SECRET Facebook group, where all participants will be added and where we can support one another in the positive changes we are making in life, with our mindset shifts and with our newfound passion and interest in our own personal journeys of self love. I am here to continue guiding you on your own personal journey of self love and discovering what it truly means to love yourself. It has 0 to do with "vanity", although many people confuse it as such. You will receive the support of many who join this group over time, as well as me. You will have a chance to grow your "inner circle" of those who are also implementing the Art of Self Love in their lives by being added to this group that will be ever expanding. Share insights and changes you are making and receive support from those who enter the program with you, and in the future.

2. A weekly email over the course of 12 weeks. That is THREE months of additional support from ME, and in the Facebook group which is a LIFETIME membership which you can access support from others as time moves forward as new members will be added from other Retreats. These emails will include links to the page, as well as videos you can access where I dive deeper into the topics discussed for the week. I will also attach various documents for you to use so as to not have to buy the actual workbook.

*Haven't gotten my FREE Ebook yet? Check it out HERE.

3. One follow-up zoom call at the end of the 12 weeks (within one month of completion of the program) to see how these 3 months have aided you in your continued journey of self-love, and to discuss the changes you plan to make in the upcoming months after our work together in this program. 

Interested in joining? The cost to sign up is $2,797.00. This payment can be split depending financial need, please call in advance to arrange payment plan.

Thank you so much for considering this unique opportunity to join this group, and for your continued investment in yourself! You are amazing, and I am grateful to you for choosing to continually take back and KEEP your power, through the act of loving yourself on a daily basis. YOU are worth it.


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