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Welcome to my team beachbody page

So why do I have my Beachbody  / Shakeolgy website on my business page for Destination Self Love? Well, I believe that it had a lot to do with catapulting me on my journey and the path I am on today. Here's the backstory and you can tell me if it seems oddly connected in any way... 

I started the Beachbody program by purchasing the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge pack (along with Shakeology in monthly installments in 2015). This was after I had quit drinking in the fall of 2014. 

Once I started the 21DFX program, I started to lose weight IMMEDIATELY. I was never eating way off base in terms of calories per see but I was literally like never working out because I basically (YES) had PTSD from all the sports I played growing up from the age I could walk (swim team) to the end of my high school years. I played basketball, volleyball, t-ball, softball, swim team, track and field, and lastly I finally signed myself up for hip-hop dance lessons my senior year!

So anyway, I never learned how to "work out". No joke just because someone plays sports doesn't mean anything, I mean maybe it should but the "weight room" was a nasty a** place at our high school gym you did NOT enter unless you were a guy, and beyond that, I was mostly aware that stretching before and after our practices was important. 

But what if I am not playing a competitive team sport? What then?

How am I supposed to:

A: Keep my energy up?

B: Not get depressed?

C: Not feel anxious?

D: Feel more motivated to live my life?

E: Feel more positive and joyful?

F: Feel inspired to eat healthily?

I am pretty sure that my parents "accidentally" cured me temporarily of my bipolar depression/hypomania/anxiety as a child/adolescent because they UNKNOWINGLY gave me the right medicine. Which was to MOVE MY BODY. I have had some SERIOUS mood swings ever since leaving home...and NOT playing sports...


And I mean like...

"Whoa...get out the way b*tch get out the way!" *cue song*

As I like to quote from one of my SUPER ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES...Legally Blonde...

"Exercise gives you endorphins - - - endorphins make you happy - - - and happy people don't just kill their husbands!"


From ages 18-29ish I was totally not doing anything for my mental health. I was even put on anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds when I was 21 after I had returned from Spain.


It turned around in 2015 which was in all technicalities the best year of my life! I had turned 30, I wasn't drinking, I was eating healthy (got crazy exicted about Trader Joes), planted my own garden of herbs and vegetables (and cooked with them) and was using the Beachbody 21DFX program. 

I recommend using the 21DFX program or another BOD (Beachbody On-Demand) exercise program becuase it can help you... 

A: Keep your energy up!

B: Not be depressed!

C: Not feel anxious!

D: Feel more motivated to live life!

E: Feel more positive and joyful!

F: Feel inspired to eat healthily!

Just as it did for me. Not to mention I think it staves off the desire to be addicted to stuff. I didn't have any cravings for alcohol during this time (alcohol is a depresesant). I was motivated to seriously live my life instead of being a lamo.


This same year I was motivated enough to do a lot in my career as well.

1. I took over as the chair for our World Languages Department.


2. I became  accredited to teach AP Spanish (highest level)

3. I traveled on a teacher scholarship I won from ACTFL to Mexico for 3 weeks.

4. I created new curriculum for my students that was structured around "game-based learning" using the cultural themes that I brought back with me from my time in Mexico.

5. I took our World Langauge team to San Diego for the ACTFL  conference by working with the district to get money together so the teacher's wouldnl't have to pay for it!

This was all from April-November of 2015! (After starting the Beach Body program, continuing to drink my shake every morning and working out)! 

I recommend Shakeology because: 

A: I love it!

B: It works to help you feel full until your next meal.

C: It makes sure you get a good dose of essential vitamins and nutrients that you are likely not eating otherwise unless you are a near perfect vegetable eater...

D: It's a great post-workout meal because when you do work out you need to refuel again-ESPECIALLY a program like 21DFX because your muscles need it!

E: It's EASY. I mean do you really have time to "make" breakfast in the morning? If you do then this one won't apply to you. I don't like to make breakfast-maybe like on Sundays for waffle Sundays but not as a general life rule! 

F: I would make a shake anyways...I have been drinking "shakes" since I was seriously probably in middle school when I found the 'Carnation Breakfast' joke! So why not choose a healthy one that has more than just sugar in it...

Whether you want to add "extras" or not is up to you, but if not it's honestly ready to go...but just in case you are wondering I totally stole the Jamba Juice (remember them?) recipe for the chunky monkey and I add:

1/2 frozen banana, 2TB peanut butter, 1 part almond milk to one part water and blend, it is honestly the BEST!

I signed up this time in 2021 to be a coach so that I could totally spread the word because it's something that has worked for me for I know it works it's not like oh wow yeah you are like selling MLM now with shakes...and BTW yes I am totally doing that I can hopefully influence any of you who read this to IMPROVE your own life as I did mine.

What are the next steps if I want to take them?

1. Visit my webpage HERE.

2. Click on "shop" at the bottom of the page.

3. Choose a challenge pack in the top left corner under my pic (best deal).

4. OR if you just want Shakeology middle of that menu and choose your flavor!

5. You can also sign straight up to be a coach, top right under the cart (when you sign up as a coach this gives enough of a discount on your shakes every month that you actually make up the $15 you are charged every month)! Yay! 

6. Fill in order details and reach out to me if you have any trouble or questions. 


Here's a link to watch a short video about Shakeology because it's hard to "explain" why it's so good but I think this video does a good job of explaining it. 








This year I am sticking with my favorite trainer - Autumn, and I am going to complete the Control Freak program this year. It is a 9-week program! What I love about her programs is that they are usually high-intensity workouts. You get your workout in and then you are done. I am ALSOS very interested in the #mbf = muscle burns fat and 


21DFX was always exactly 28 minutes. You get some cardio in, and you are also using (small) hand weights (cause no I am not trying to win some muscle contest I just want to be lean you hear me?!) but yeah you also use this really cool resistance band that seems silly and then you try it and you're like What?! this just totally made my workout at least 20% harder! Silly piece of rubberband stuff! But then you love it cause it totally makes the workout better and you see results faster (if that's what you are looking for of course I am thinking this would excite you.)

So, let me know if you want any more information. I'd love to help you:

  • Get your health on track.

  • Make your morning routine easier.

  • Have fun making up new delish recipes.

  • Have a way to fuel your body AND get nutrients.

  • Have a community of like-minded people who CARE to be healthy.

  • Have all-in-one access to BOD (on-demand workouts including yoga!)

  • A safe space for you to share your fitness journey.

  • Understand some of the psychology of health/eating from the point of view of the MIND.

I am preparing a 7 week-long course for you to complete (for free as an added benefit to signing up with me)! I usually offer these as paid courses but if you are in my Beach Body community then you will get a link to sign up for this course FREE!


This is an added gift to you because what I do BEYOND selling shakes with Beach Body is I lead transformative 10-week long Heal Your Life virtual courses that help people get on track with living the life they know they were meant to live...I've learned so much in regards to HEALTH with this work that I can't help but share it with my Beach Body team members! It'll be hosted on this site, so be sure to check back in or follow on my various SM channels (links at the bottom of the page) so that you can know when I am releasing it! It's based mostly on the psychology of losing weight and how you can use positive psychology as another tool in your kit while on the journey to attaining the fitness level you desire! 

Here's the link again if you want to check it out! 

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